Powder Pink

Hey love muffins, Hope all is well. Today i wanted to show u a dress I grab from Vive9. The back of the dress really caught my eye and I love texture of the dress. The prim piece will need to be adjusted but overall i love the dress. Comes in variety of colors. Check it out below 馃檪

My outfit


Feeling Myself

Okay ladies, last post for the day (I hope lol). 聽I brought this cardigan from TDR last week and never wore it. I love the v-neck look and they way it makes my boobs look lol. Also I have on some boots that I actually made myself when i had a clothing store. They go great with any pair of jeans. If you would like a free pair contact me inworld 馃檪

My Look

Sisterly Love

Hey Love Muffins, my sister came by to visit me and Her outfit was just too cute for me. I had to ask her can i put her on my blog. So I hope u enjoy it just as much as i did 馃檪

Her Look

Thanks for taking the time out to visit my blog 馃檪

Pretty In White

Hey love muffins, Yes i know 聽have been away. School has started back rl and I have been so busy. But I’m back. So let me get back on the roll. I went shopping earlier last week so i got a few blogs coming your way today. This look was a look 聽put together way before my blogging days and I love it. The umbrella really set the mood for this dress. Also Cstar have some new leopard print face tats, that are so cute.They come in many colors. Check it out below 馃檪

My Outfit

Tank Me

Hey ladies, Hope everyone is enjoying this sunday. Been extra busy getting prepared for school next week. But anywho, Hope u enjoy this look. I really love the tank that i pick up at YB. Comes in so many colors and can go with just about anything. Check it out below 馃檪

My Look

  • Necklace: Sissi {Where are my glasses}
  • Tank: YB {Tank Me} Store URL not working will update
  • Hair: Truth聽{Riley}
  • Earrings: JPB Bandit聽聽{Princess Diamond}
  • Shoes: N-core聽{CHIC Neige}
  • Skirt:Zaara聽{Niti Skirt}
  • Bracelets: ~Pepper~聽{Color Me}

Thanks for taking the time out to visit my blog, Hope u Enjoy The Look 馃檪

Beautiful Waterfall

Hey ladies, Hope everyone is doing great. So today i was walking around my mothers land i came across this pretty waterfall. I was actually gonna take a break from blogging today but when i stood in front the waterfall, I couldn’t help but pose lol. So here are the pics below and i actually just put this on to go down to her land.

My Look

Thanks for visiting my blog, Hope you enjoy the look, Cya Dolls 馃檪

Daisy Love

Hey ladies, Happy 聽Tuesday & i hope your all are doing lovely. So today i actually took a break from shopping inworld. I said no stores today, and i really hope i can stick to hit for the entire day lol. I’m a shopaholic and cant help it lol. Anywho, so today I decided to blog this outfit i put together months ago. Only thing different is that i wore a different hair back than. Also the jewelry that i am wearing is MESH! I really like the jewelry, its pretty and very cheap. The Set which included three version of the necklace n the rings was only 99L cant beat that. Check out My Look Below!

My Look

Thanks for taking the time out to view my blog, Hope u enjoy the look,cya dolls 馃檪